OzRunways 4: Hello, World.

Australia, New Zealand, Africa: we have you covered

Since 2010, OzRunways is Australia's number one EFB and now we bring the same experience to New Zealand and Africa with official maps, as well as full Africa coverage using ONC, TPC and our own maps.

Optimized for iOS 7 and faster than ever on the iPad 1, OzRunways 4 is our biggest update ever.

Brand New Mapping Engine: Smoother, Sharper, Faster.

We've redesigned our mapping engine to be smoother, faster and sharper and we now display individual maps on top of a topographical map so no more black areas.

Our track up mode is now the best in the businesses - you can pan and zoom it, put your aircraft anywhere you like and it stays track up.

We've also added a handy track/distance indicator at the start of each waypoint as a quick reference.

You will enjoy faster loading, crisp detail and smooth zooming. It's the way maps should behave.

The new mapping engine is so efficient, it's the best OzRunways experience even on the original iPad 1 and makes it possible for us to add more features in future versions.

Sharing is Caring

Our new unique airfield notes are shared with any pilot using OzRunways. This is where you share your experience with the airfield to help out others. What's the best pub in town? The number for the local taxi? Was fuel available and how do you get it? Start by entering your local airfield knowledge at home!

You can now also send your plans and aircraft to your friends by email and they can effortlessly import them into OzRunways.

Balanced Diet

OzRunways 3.0 introduces the often requested feature of integrated weight and balance. Enter your fuel, passenger and cargo loading for each flight segment and OzRunways calculates your start, end and zero fuel weights and plots this on a familiar graph. And with multiple configurations per aircraft, it's as flexible as your fleet; helicopter operators can even manage their lateral loads!

Weather to Fly

You have always been able to get area and location weather briefing in OzRunways as well as quickly pull up the BOM rain radar. In 3.0 we introduce SIGMETs displayed on top of the PCA. Just turn on this feature and select the PCA to see where significant weather events are occurring.

Flight and Engine Timers

Record your flight times with a ground speed based "airswitch" and even use the microphone to start the engine timer. When the background noise reaches your set level, the the timer starts.

Advanced Quick Plan

The improved quick plan lets you enter radial positions and navaids as well as standard waypoints and airfields. You have never entered a complex plan this quickly into any GPS.

Background GPS Tracks

Record GPS tracks even if the iPad is off or using another App - perfect for students and instructors for reviewing a nav training exercise

Fly Longer

The same optimisations that make OzRunways 3.0 faster also conserve power. Fly longer on the same charge.

Terrain Planner

When in planner mode, you can choose to see terrain / airspace per segment or for the entire trip. Double tap and swipe to switch.

Altitude Optimisation

Optimise route button in planner sheet chooses hemispherical altitudes based on wind, track and user entered LSALT.

Full Release Notes

For a full list of new features, improvements and fixes, see the OzRunways 3.0 Release Notes in our knowledge base.