OzRunways 10th Birthday Competition

To celebrate a Decade of Flight, we're giving out the presents! Win aerobatic flights with Matt Hall, SkyEcho ADS-B OUT or OzRunways Premium subscriptions!

Thanks to everyone who entered our 10th Birthday Competition!

The winners have been contacted.
When asked what your favourite OzRunways feature is, here’s what a few of you had to say:

My favourite feature is the entire package. OzRunways is easy to use for beginners and very experienced pilots delivering extensive features and options. OzRunways listens to what we, as pilots and customers, want and they regularly upgrade to improve our experience. It is affordable and it is just fantastic - has helped improve my situational awareness and has allowed me to really enjoy my cross country flights to new destinations. -Peter

Situational awareness? Sensational awareness! -Geoff
That OzRunways is an Australian product with exceptional local support from true professionals. -Rob
The whole kit & kaboodle - having come from the “old days” of maps and continual time, distance and airspeed calculations - I now would not leave too far home with out the planning and flight capabilities of my OzRunways. -Jacqueline
The easy to use flight planning function is amazing. I can create a new flight plan in a couple of minutes with OzRunways, compared to the hour that it takes me to do it with a map and pencil. I also love reading the Pilot Touring Guide, it makes me want to visit so many places in Australia - what a great resource. -Matt
My favourite feature is the IFR information, charts etc, and the AIP and aerodrome charts for South America. OzRunways is the first and best app that achieved it. I love it! -Tomas
Having all the official New Zealand aeronautical maps and AIP in one place, for a quarter of the price of purchasing the the paper versions on their own.
It’s ease of use, particularly with regard to fuel and weight & balance calculations. Within a few taps you can have a fully fledged flight plan ready to go that is also compliant. -Dan
Auto download. Why? OzRunways is always ready to go and updated! -Rod
The user interface has always been my favourite feature as it is intuitive and very well laid out. Even with little experience, a new user is able to navigate their way around with ease. -James
SmartBrief. Absolutely handy tool for my flight training. Easy to read, quick to comprehend. Will absolutely never depart without OzRunways/RWY!
Quality and easy references to airfields. Updates for Android are also released with the latest. So easy to use. -Lionel