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Qualifies for the Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) Broadcast Rebate Program! 50% rebate available, learn more.

SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B receive and transmit solution. With 20W transmit power, your 1090MHz ADS-B signal can be received up to 40NM away. Transmit functionality can be enabled or disabled depending on your flight location. The ADS-B receiver capability includes both 1090MHz and 978MHz UAT. Portable ADS-B transmit capability is currently only approved for use in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Australia CASA Civil Aviation Order 20.18 Amendment allows light aircraft, gliders, and balloons to see and be seen by other aircraft without equipping with a traditional transponder. Or use in combination with your existing Mode-C transponder.


  • 20 Watt 1090 ADS-B OUT transmitter
  • Dual band ADS-B IN (1090ES worldwide and 978 in USA)
  • TSO-C199 Aviation WAAS GPS
  • Integrated Altimeter for accurate relative altitudes
  • Up to 12 hour battery life
  • Connect up to 4 devices via WiFi
  • GDL90 Protocol - ADS-B IN Compatible with most EFBs

See more on the uAvionix SkyEcho product page.

Fully Integrated in OzRunways

Unique to OzRunways is full integration of the SkyEcho ADS-B OUT settings, without having to use the web-based configuration page on the device. This is perfect for those pilots flying multiple aeroplanes and bringing their own SkyEcho for enhanced safety.

When SkyEcho is connected over WiFi, the new traffic pop-over allows you to control OzRunways Traffic as well as SkyEcho in the same place. Simply select the aircraft profile and the flight ID and ICAO Hex code values will automatically be set. For VH registered aircraft there isn't even a need to define the ICAO code in the aircraft profile as it is automatically set to the correct value.

What's Included:

  • SkyEcho 2 Electronic Conspicuity Device
  • RAM Suction Mount
  • USB charging cable
  • Protective carry case

Support for your SkyEcho

We have prepared a Knowledge Base article on how to configure and use your SkyEcho. The most important part are your flight ID and Hex code, please read about there important details and how to find your existing code, or request one from CASA for recreational aircraft.

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