iOS Feature available on Apple Devices. Android Feature available on Android.
Weather and Briefing VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
SmartBrief Android iOS
NAIPS Integration Android iOS
Windy Android iOS
Weather Cameras Android iOS
PDF Pack Generation iOS
Aeronautical Data VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
Automatic Downloads Android iOS
Official VFR Data Android iOS
IFR Approach Plates Android iOS
ERC High Maps Android iOS
AIP Android iOS
AIP SUPs Android iOS
Additional Documents Android iOS
OzRunways Airfield Guide Android iOS
Pilot Touring Guide Android iOS
Smart Airfields List iOS
Planning VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
Aircraft Profiles Android iOS
Basic Performance and Fuel Android
Detailed Flight Planning iOS
Weight & Balance iOS
Multiple Stage Plans iOS
Fuel Planner iOS
Altitude Optimiser iOS
LSALT Assistant iOS
Auto IFR Routes iOS
Sector Features (CP, PNR & more) iOS
Street Address Search (Online) iOS
Offline Street Address Search iOS
Fuel Prices iOS
Situational Awareness VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
Night VFR Support iOS
Active Restricted Airspace Android iOS
Weather Radar Overlays Android iOS
Georeferenced Airport Diagrams Android iOS
Load RNAV Approaches iOS
Aerodrome Weather Colours iOS
ADS-B Device Integration Android iOS
Terrain Overlay iOS
Terrain/Airspace Profile Display iOS
LSALT Boundaries/GRID LSALTs on map iOS
Customisable HUD Android iOS
Extended runway centrelines Android iOS
Area/Centre Frequencies Android iOS
QNH display iOS
HSI Android iOS
Flight Data Logging VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
Basic Flight Recording Android
Flight Recording iOS
Automatic Flight Timer Android iOS
Automatic Engine Timer iOS
Personal Documents VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
User Waypoints Android iOS
Dropbox Integration iOS
Import documents iOS
KML Overlays Android iOS
Data Import & Export VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
Dynon SkyView NavData and Maps Android iOS
Import Champagne FP3000 Plans iOS
Export plans to Dynon SkyView iOS
Export plans to Avidyne IFD iOS
Send plans to other OzRunways users Android iOS
Send aircraft profiles to OzRunways users iOS
Device Support VFR Standard VFR Premium IFR Premium
1 tablet, 1 phone Android iOS
2 tablets, 2 phones and macOS Android iOS

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