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Plan, File, Brief and fly OzRunways Electronic flight Bag. Helicopter, fixed wing, recreational, charter, airline or military, OzRunways has everything you need to complete your flight safely and efficiently.

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OzRunways EFB Version 8 available now!

OzRunways EFB for iOS takes the good and makes it great, with dozens of visual and functional improvements, while still feeling completely familiar.

Quicker Plan

Quick Plan has become quicker and smarter, with autocomplete and route suggestions.

Camera. Action.

Weather cameras now display in closest points regardless of the icon-overlay state.

Small Details

More details in the plan list makes it easier to find the previous route you're after.

Smarter Search

Find and add to plan based on code, names, addresses, landmarks and coordinates.

Live Updates

The waypoint list pop-over is now bigger, more readable and updates live.

To the Point

The closest points screen now provides more information and one-tap access to many functions.

The #1 Electronic Flight Bag Down Under

The essential app for aviation Down Under provides planning, briefing, flight plan filing and moving map navigation with the ultimate in situational awareness. Australian pilots from recreational to business, airlines, EMS and military rely on OzRunways to make flying easier, safer and quicker.

OzRunways EFB

Plan, Brief, File and Fly IFR or VFR with OzRunways EFB for iOS. Designed for both iPad and iPhone, OzRunways provides the ultimate in situational awareness anywhere you go, whether you're a weekend warrior, fly EMS helicopters, airliners or military jets.

OzRunways is the most intuitive, user-friendly EFB on the market, making it easy to get started and easy to master. Powerful tools like Quick Plan and SmartBrief make planning and briefing faster and more powerful than ever before.

Try OzRunways now for a fully-functional 30-day free trial!

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RWY EFB For Android

This is the Droid you've been looking for! RWY takes the intuitive design of OzRunways EFB and brings it to Android in way that feels familiar but also feels truly Android.

With many pilots choosing an iPad to go flying with but loving their Android phones, it makes the perfect companion that is optimised for the smaller screen.

A single OzRunways subscription allows mixing and matching of platforms so have an iPad or Android tablet (or both) and an iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel, the choice is yours.

Download RWY by OzRunways now on Google Play to try it free for 30 days.

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RWY Check - the RPAS EFB

All the information you need to legaly operate a commercial drone in Australia in a clear, concise application.

RWY Check gives commercial operators access to our Hybrid VFR map with active restricted area overlays and exclusion zones around aiports, ALAs and helipads as well as ERSA and AIP, including SUPs.

Any OzRunways Australia subscription allows access to both OzRunways and RWY Check.

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NAIPS for iPhone & iPad

Access all of NAIPS quickly an easily on the go with our original aviation app: NAIPS for iPhone & iPad.

With no subscription required, just an app purchase to have access to location and area briefing, SPFIB, flight plan filing, charts, first and last light tools, RAIM prediction and more.

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OzRunways EFB Plans & Pricing

OzRunways subscriptions are based on regions, IFR or VFR and Standard or Premium. We have options to suit everyone's operations and budget.

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Matt Hall Racing trusts OzRunways

Situational Awareness is Everything

Whether you're a world champion pilot or new to the cockpit, OzRunways is the tool you need. Our ambassador Matt Hall won the Red Bull Air Race world title in 2019 and is a long time user of OzRunways. Hall won't take off without it.

Besides winning races and performing at air shows and private events across the country, Matt Hall Racing is a charter business with joy flights in the Extra 300 as well as corporate charters in their King Air and Twin Commanche and has made OzRunways EFB an integral part of their operations.

"OzRunways gives great situational awareness and simplifies my job, whether I'm flying an IFR charter in our King Air or repositioning my race plane," Hall said.

"I can't see a situation when you wouldn't use OzRunways before or during your flight."

Industry Solutions by OzRunways

Get even more value from your Electronic Flight Bag with expert support and solutions from OzRunways. From gaining CASA approval, to on-site training and on-call support as well as data management, if your organisation requires it, we can provide it. Contact us for more information.

Commercial Support

Dedicated account managers, Dashboard, ops manual support, approved W&B and more.

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OzRunways Military

Training, support, custom data management and feature and integrations to support your mission.

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Data Management

Our professional data team can provide continuity to your company airfield guide updates.

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OzRunways. Every Pilot, Every Flight.