OzRunways EFB Version 10

A decade of flight brings OzRunways EFB to version 10 and makes it better looking and easier to use than ever before.

What's New in OzRunways 10

Smart Terrain with LSALT Assistant combines the most accurate terrain and obstacle data available with a completely transparent interface to make planning the lowest possible LSALT reliable and fast. (Requires iOS 13 or newer)

Smart Terrain

The dynamic Smart Terrain overlay shows terrain around you based on accurate NASA mapping data, making sure you know where not to turn. It's also smart enough to know when you are on the ground or on final approach so it won't red-out and make the screen unreadable.

LSALT Assistant

The new LSALT Assistant is based on high resolution NASA terrain data and the latest Airservices obstacle database. By showing exactly how the altitudes are calculated you can be confident your LSALT isn't any lower than allowed, or higher than it needs to be.

PDF Packs

Save or print a PDF with all the record keeping you need to complete commercial operations. Now more precise, concise and easier to read.

Great Progress

The re-styled plan progress box can be placed anywhere on screen for quick access to station passing time, next and final ETA.

Greater Circles

Great circle mode is now the default throughout the app. Cross country, over the poles or through the dateline; bearings and distances look great.

As well as dozens of other minor changes, improvements and bug fixes.

Read the Full Version 10.6 Release Notes

The choice of Australian Pilots

Australian pilots from recreational to business, airlines, EMS and military rely on OzRunways to make flying easier, safer and quicker.

So many plans, in so little time

OzRunways makes flight planning quicker and easier than ever before.

Plan Quick

Quick plan lets you type in, and autocompletes, any airport or waypoint name or code, and for IFR flights even suggests airways to use.

Tap and Go

Create your plan by tapping waypoints on the map. Pick up a track and drag it to insert a waypoint, or create a new custom waypoint anywhere.


Automatically load wind from GPWT (low level) or NAIPS Wind/Temp profile (FL140+) for accurate time and fuel use.

Weight and Balance

Take the guess work and drawing lines out of your weight and balance. Just enter weights for each station for an accurate calculation.

Brief Smart

SmartBrief is the fastest way to get a complete picture of all weather and NOTAMs on your route and your departure and destination.

NAIPS Integration

File your plan directly from OzRunways, using the familiar form, pre-filled. Double check and make minor changes and send it to NAIPS.

Auto Downloads

OzRunways keeps your data current - even in the background while you sleep. It also cleans up after itself by deleting outdated files and documents.

Bird's Eye View

The new satellite view of any waypoint is bigger than before, can switch to road maps and be used to fine-tune user waypoint locations.

Get Personal

Does your company use personal callsigns? Add them to your pilot profile and it will be used in flight plan submissions.


A graphical revolution in pre-flight briefing.

Interactive Graphical Area Forecast

SmartBrief takes the Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) data and presents it in a fully interactive format. Pan and zoom the map, tap on areas to read the forecast and decode the text into plain English. Now you can not only plan in minutes, you can brief your entire flight in minutes too.

Details for every route segment

A touch of each track segment brings up a complete overview of wind, temperature and NOTAMs that affect your flight. With SmartBrief you can brief more accurately in minutes, no printing required.

Airports Detailed

TAF, METAR and NOTAM for airports is available at a touch in SmartBrief and we even find FIR NOTAMS that affect the location so you're unlike to miss important ones hidden by unlit cranes.

GPWT Decoded

A picture says more than a thousand numbers scattered on a map. An interactive picture is revolutionary. SmartBrief shows the Grid Point Wind and Temperature forecast with sliders for time and altitude so it's easy to get a comprehensive picture of the wind along your planned route.


SIGMET and AIRMET are overlayed on the GAF display in SmartBrief, making it easy to determine which ones affect your route.

IFR ∞ Evolved

Find the best routes in seconds with the smart IFR tools in OzRunways

Quicker Plan

Quick Plan in OzRunways 8 is smarter than ever, auto completing not just identifiers but also location names, suggesting air routes and even destinations.

Geo-referenced Procedures

See where you are on the approach with our geo-referenced DAPs. Your own location as well as any nearby ADS-B or OzRunways traffic is displayed on aerodrome diagrams, and approach, SID and STAR plates.

National ERC

We've stitched all the ERCs together into a low and high national map. Plan a long cross country without switching maps and when more detail is required, switch to individual TACs.

Lower, safer

LSALT Assistant is based on high resolution NASA terrain data and the latest Airservices obstacle database. By showing exactly how the altitudes are calculated you can be confident your LSALT isn't any lower than allowed, or higher than it needs to be.

File at a touch

With all your perfomance and times automatically calculated and aircraft equipment details stored, it take just one tap to fill out the flight planning form, and one more to submit it to NAIPS.

Cleared for the approach

Easily add all the points in an RNAV approach to your flight plan; just rubberband an IAF and OzRunways will offer to load the entire approach.

Complete Situational Awareness

Know where you are, know where you're going

Hybrid VFR Map

The OzRunways Hybrid VFR Map provides a single Australia-wide VFR map, zooming from the WAC to VNC, VTC and even insets so you never have to worry about selecting the appropriate map.

Smart Airfield List

Smart Airfields is the quickest way to get to the documents and plates that you need. A single screen lists all the airports in your plan, your nearest airports and recently accessed documents.

Quick and Concise

Tap on any airport and the most important information will be right there for the taking. And with a single tap more can be briefed or added to plan.

Instant weather

Get the latest weather and NOTAMs at the touch of a button.

Restricted Area Status

The status of restricted areas is displayed live on any map, making "please explain" letters a thing of the past.

Make it your own

The HUD can be configured just the way you like it, including advanced features like current and next centre frequency, QNH for the nearest airport and height above ground.

Own the Night

Support for smart-invert colours throughout the app keeps your night vision intact.

Paperless Notes

Go paperless using scratchpad. Easily copy clearances, ATIS, or any other reminders. And if you make a mistake, you can undo it with just a tap.

Weather to Fly

A picture says more than a thousand PROB30s. See the weather at many airports with your own eyes through Airservices' and our partners' webcam networks.

Runway Directions

Turn on the runway directions for easy orientation on arrival.

Fuel Prices

Pilot-provided fuel prices displayed on the map not only quickly show where fuel is available, but also how much you can expect to pay.

Thunderbolts and Lighting

...and rain aren't nearly as frightening if you know how to avoid them. High resolution BoM radar and satellite data show where not to go.

Document Library

The complete AIP, plus your own documents

Official Sources

Quick access to all the ERSA chapters, AIP and even CAO, CAR, CASR, MOS, CAAP and AIP SUP.

Add your Own

Just tap "Open in OzRunways" on any PDF on the web, email or files app to store your flight manuals in your EFB.

Dropbox Integration

Sign in to Dropbox and access all your documents without leaving the app.

Go your own way

Plan the perfect $100 $500 hamburger, weekend getaway or outback adventure

OzRunways Airfield Guide

Maintained by our in-house data team, the OzRunways Airfield Guide is the most complete and up to date source of information about thousands of small council airstrips, outback stations and private runways, many of which are not in ERSA.

Get details about runways, facilities, contact details, local information and more.

And no need to wait for new editions either as the guide is updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Pilots Touring Guide

Curated by Ian Baraclough from many years, the Pilots Touring Guide is a must-have source of information on the best places to visit, where to stay and where to eat.

As well as hundreds of pages for many destinations, a dedicated maps allows you to plan anything from a daytrip or weekend getaway to weeks long outback flying adventures.

See, be seen and get found

OzRunways and ADS-B traffic

OzRunways TX

Using our own super efficient protocols, we use the mobile network to track your location and show other OzRunways pilots on your iPad.

Low-cost ADS-B IN

Add an ADS-B receiver to your flight bag and see even more traffic, including the airliners sharing the circuit at uncontrolled aerodromes.

SIM cards save lives

Pop a SIM card in your iPad, it may save your life. Using OzRunways TX, your friends and family can see where you are in most locations and because all the data is archived, so can rescuers if you go missing.

When required, SAR officers at AMSA's rescue coordination centre have direct access to last known locations of any flights and if they need someone to help them sift through more data, OzRunways staff are available to help 24/7.

Not only has this saved many hours of searching and located those who simply forgot to cancel SARTIME, it has saved the lives of people stranded in remote locations with no other clues as to their wherabouts.

So get a 1-year pre-paid SIM from Telstra for the best coverage; it could end up saving your life.

Log your Flights

The most advanced tracking makes reviewing your flight and keeping logbook up to date easy

On the web

OzRunways TX records your location every 5 seconds when in mobile coverage. Log in to your account on the website to see all your flights on any device.

On your iPad

Our detailed second-interval logs are so smart, they'll even tell you which runway you landed on. And you can export the data in various formats to view and analyse.

Send to your logbook

Logging your hours in LogTen Pro is done at the touch of a screen. And it doesn't matter if your log is on the iPad you flew with, your phone, or your Mac, you can send it anywhere.

Get Started

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