Dynon SkyView NavData and Maps

Unleash the full potential of your SkyView system with NavData and Maps for Australia

SkyView Data Included with Australia Premium

Available exclusively to OzRunways Australia IFR or VFR Premium subscribers is our HybridVFR map and a complete VFR NavData database.

Loading this database into your SkyView system enables airspace, VFR waypoints and airports to be displayed on the Dynon basemap and allows direct-to, the creation of flight plans and use of nearest functionality directly on your panel mounted avionics.

Also included are runway and VHF frequency details for each airport, as well as all ALAs from the OzRunways Airfield Guide!

HybridVFR Included

The OzRunways HybridVFR map combines WAC, VNC and VTC into one seamless Australia-wide map and has been available for sale to use on SkyView for many years. It too is included in all Australia Premium subscriptions, bringing official Airservices Australia VFR maps to the avionics of all SkyView owners.

Zoomed out for an overview, the WAC will be displayed. As you zoom in on a region where they are available, progressively the VNC, VTC and inset will be displayed, with no need to ever change maps.

Complete Database Coverage

Generated straight out of the OzRunways database, our Dynon VFR NavData includes:

  • ADs and ALAs (including those exclusive to the OzRunways Airfield Guide
  • VFR Waypoints / Reporting Points
  • Class C, D and E Airspace
  • Restricted Areas
  • Aerodrome Frequencies
  • Runway directions, lengths and surface type, where available
WiFi Enabled

Did you know you can easily send your OzRunways flight plans to your Dynon SkyView over WiFi?

All you need is the Dynon WiFi Adapter plugged into a USB port of your SkyView unit.

  • Create a plan in OzRunways
  • Connect to the Dynon WiFi hotspot
  • Tap the export/share button
  • Select "Dynon"

Your flight plan including any custom waypoints will be copied to SkyView, ready to navigate.

Download Now from My Account

To get the map and database, simply head to our website, go to "My Account", sign in and select "Dynon Data" from the menu.

Not a Premium subscriber yet? You can upgrade from My Account at any time; we will credit any remaining time on your existing subscription. Upgrade now to not just get the Dynon data, but also the OzRunways Airfield Guide, the revolutionary SmartBrief, Smart Airports list and more!

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