RWY For Android

This is the Droid you've been looking for! RWY takes the intuitive design of OzRunways EFB and brings it to Android in way that feels familiar but also feels truly Android.

The Droid you've been Looking for

RWY by OzRunways for Android turns your Android phone or tablet into an Electronic Flight Bag with everything you need to safely plan, brief and navigate flights anywhere in Australia.


RWY has everything you need to create and file IFR and VFR plans.

Search Waypoints

Search for waypoints by name or code and add them to your plan, or just go direct to.

Drag and Drop

Add waypoints by rubber-banding. Pickup and drag your track to the place you want to fly over.

Winds Aloft

At the touch of the screen, load GPWT wind data for accurate heading, time and fuel burn.

Fuel Burn

Set your aeroplane's fuel burn and TAS for a a reliable calculation of flight fuel required.

NAIPS Included

With integrated NAIPS flight plan filing that remember your aeroplane's details, filing a plan is easy.


Quick access to weather and NOTAM information

Plan Briefing

Quick access to met and NOTAM for any airports in your plan, plus all the GAF & GPWT on your route.


Easy access to GAF and GPWT provide the full weather picture for your flight.

Quick Briefing

Select an airport to view its TAF, METAR and NOTAM information as well as area NOTAMs.


Fly your plan while the big and bright official aviation maps on your tablet provide the ultimate in situational awareness.

Hybrid VFR Map

The OzRunways Hybrid VFR Map provides a single Australia-wide VFR map, zooming from the WAC to VNC, VTC and even insets so you never have to worry about selecting the appropriate map.

GPS Navigation

Expensive portable aviation GPS units are a thing of the past. See your current position on real aviation maps and get precise track guidance, distance and ETAs.

Rain and Lightning

Using high resolution BoM radar and satellite sources, have a near-live view of where not to fly.

Live traffic

See other OzRunways pilots and be tracked wherever you fly for peace of mind of those at home, and to assist in SAR.


Instant access to always-current ERSA & DAPS wherever you are. Quick access presets make it easy to have the right pages ready to go.

Get Started

Download RWY by OzRunways from Google Play for a 30 day free trial